How Red Bull Invaded the Big Apple

Fans of many sports, particularly in the USA, have had time to get used to corporate ownership, branding and name changes. However, in the world of football, a sport built on history and identity, fans are not quite sure how to take it.

In a new video by DW Kick Off!, reporter Dave Branneck has travelled between New York and Leipzig to take a look at how Red Bull have thrust themselves into the football spotlight.

In 2006 Red Bull bought New York Metrostars and rebranded the club as New York Red Bulls. Along with the change of identity, the energy drink giants invested a lot of money, bringing in big-name players from European leagues, including Thierry Henry, Juan Pablo Angel, Tim Cahill and Rafa Marquez. This may have raised the clubs profile, but it split the fans down the middle, many of whom resent the drastic changes.

Three years later Red Bull pulled a similar stunt in Germany by purchasing fifth division team SSV Markranstädt, and RB Leipzig was born. Enough money was invested so that the team skyrocketed through the tables, reaching the Bundesliga in just five short years.

But again, the mammoth changes have caused tensions among German football fans, with many not happy at the changes to the club and their heritage.

In the video, Dave gets reactions from the fans, and looks at how marketing and identity are an important part of both teams. He travels from the big apple to Leipzig, interviewing fans and getting stuck into the history. Check out the video on DW Kick Offs YouTube channel and subscribe for more of their awesome regular videos.