Five Fun Football Fights to Take Part in Before the Manchester Derby

With the heated history shared between these fierce rivals, there have been many attempts to reduce the anger, and increase the enjoyment. Here are five ways to lighten the mood, enjoy yourself and lead your team to victory.


Many fans are setting up safe and structured fun boxing matches near the stadium. With extra big, padded boxing gloves, nobody gets hurt and the fans can get one over their rivals. Points are scored by whoever attacks their opponent more.

Fifa tournaments

There’s nothing as tense, and safe as a fifa tournament. The popular video game is loved by many, and fans are meeting up in local bars and gaming stores to face-off against one another. Regardless of the real game’s outcome, fans should be able to gain a few victories for their side of the city, although it will only be a virtual victory for one side of Manchester.

Arm wrestling

A nice and easy way to determine the strength between the red and blue fans. Safe, fun and easy to determine the outcome, arm wrestling matches will be happening across Manchester on Sunday 22nd September.

Table football

Table football is a game we have all loved since we were little kids, so why not show off your hard-earned skills, and defeat your Manchester rivals. Red or blue, it’s the one game you can afford, but don’t want to lose.

Crossbar challenge

One of the finest football games to test your abilities on. Fans can take hundreds of attempts at proving they can accurately hit the set target. Often prizes are on offer, and all fans love the crossbar challenge.

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