Match Attax 2014 FIFA World Cup

As the England football squad prepare to embark on their 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil adventure, you’ll be able to join in the festival of football with the Topps Match Attax England 2014 trading card collection. Round up your own players and take on your friends with the latest sets, featuring England’s brightest hopes and the best players from around the globe.

Each card features an image of a player in the latest kit, along with six vital statistics, including speed, power and skill attributes. Collect them all and compare them with your mates. Missing a crucial card or a favourite player? Head to, where you might just find the card that completes your line-up.

Be careful before swapping any of your own cards – they could be incredibly valuable. For instance, the England 2014 collection features a limited number of signed Cristiano Ronaldo cards, which could be worth a pretty penny to fans. Here are some of the most valuable cards from recent collections.

Sergio Aguero

Value:  £99

As a Bronze Limited Edition 4 card from the Match Attax range, the Manchester City Striker is a highly sought-after addition to any collection. With the highest goals-to-minutes-played ratio of any forward in the Premier League, the Argentinian’s attack stats are impressive, although his total of 93 leaves him just short of Match Attax’s famous Hundred Club.

Ryan Giggs

Value: £85

The veteran player, whose career stretches all the way back to the beginning of the Premier League itself, commands a high price in trading card form. The Gold Limited Edition 5 version of the Welsh legend’s trading card features good stats for both attack and defence, reflecting his evolution over the years from a flying winger to a midfield metronome.

Robin Van Persie

Value: £35

The Dutchman has plundered nearly 150 goals during his time with Arsenal and Manchester United. He’s such a lethal striker that his Hundred Club trading card features attack and defence stats of 101. While he’s never been a recognised tackler in real life, the card reflects Van Persie’s standing in the game. As a result, it’s much in demand.

Eden Hazard

Value: £35

The young Belgian has lit up the Chelsea midfield since his move to Stamford Bridge in 2012. His tendency to run with the ball in the opposition half is reflected in his Match Attax stats being heavily weighted towards attacking. Perhaps his club manager, Jose Mourinho, has Hazard in his trading card collection, having said he wants “more graft” from his playmaker next season.

Steven Gerrard

Value: £26

Power, shooting, those trademark raking passes, Steven Gerrard is pretty much the complete package. This is reflected in the desirable Gold Limited Edition 3 trading card, depicting the Liverpool and England captain with impressive stats for both attack and defence.   

Jack Wilshere

Value: £15

The Arsenal star has been treated to his own Hundred Club card, featuring high defence stats and an attack total of 100 – helped by his slick passing and impressive all-round skill.

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