New To Premier League Betting? Here Are Some Terms You Need To Learn

While you wait for the return of the new season of the Premier League, you might also think to finally start betting on the games already. However, you find yourself confused and overwhelmed.

Fortunately, here is a guide for all the most basic terms you need to know about football betting. For other betting tips and recommendations, you can visit Efirbet, where you can also read book reviews and recommendations.

Here are the football betting terms you need to know before you start betting on the Premier League.

The Sportsbook

Also commonly called the bookmaker or simply as the bookie, a sportsbook is a person or a group of people that facilitate the best of the people. They are also responsible for paying out all bet winners.

In the traditional in-person sports betting, the bookie is either in the game venue itself or facilitating the bets remotely in a site away from the actual game venue. Where do they get the money to pay all bet winners, you ask? From the bets of the people themselves. So then, how do they earn money?

That is where the vigorish comes in.

The “vigorish”

As with all other types of businesses, a sportsbook needs to earn their income, too. After paying off the winners’ winnings, they need to have an amount left for them as earnings. To do that, the “vigorish” is applied to each bet of each bettor. Also sometimes called the “vig,” the “juice,” or the commission, this vigorish refers to the amount the bookmaker gets to keep to themselves as profit from each bet wagered.

If you have played in a casino or an online casino, you may be familiar with the house edge, or the amount the casino earns for every amount that you bet. The vigorish in sports betting also works that way.

For example, if a favourite team has an odds of -115 and you bet on it and won, you will get a profit of $100 per $100 wagered, and the extra $15 is the “vig,” or the income of the sportsbook from your bet.

The vigorish varies from bookie to bookie, though. While some bookies offer low to no vig at all, there are usually hidden catches in the terms and conditions of the offer.

Your bankroll

If you are planning to bet on sports, of course, you need the money to do so. While you can steal a few dollars away from your daily budget or food money, having no proper or separate budget for your gambling activities would not cut it. You would eventually see yourself having a hard time sustaining your basic needs along with your gambling interests.

Your bankroll refers to the amount of money you have set aside to be sued exclusively for gambling. You can consider this as your “capital” or your “wallet.’ You work on growing this, and you can even limit yourself to not go below a certain amount. Having a bankroll has many benefits, including making sure that you keep control of how much you spend on gambling and not the other way around with gambling, eventually controlling you and your finances.

The odds

The odds refers to data that predicts the game’s outcome by giving numbers that show the probability of a certain team winning a match or an entire league/season. However, the odds are in no way are an official prediction by the sports organizers. Most of the time, these numbers are presented by the sportsbooks themselves not just to attract bettors but also to balance out the bets and amount wagered so they could earn money regardless of the outcome of the bets and the game itself.

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