Tips To Prepare To Bet On The Next Premier League Season

The 2019-2020 Premier League season is over, and fans and players have had a good season of football gaming, even though it has been challenging with all the delays and suspensions due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. With that being said and done, all eyes of football fans are now set for the upcoming new season of the Premier League, which will kick off more than a month from now on September 12, 2020. Aside from players and fans, one more group of people who are also excited about the upcoming new season are the sports bettors.

In the same way that football players and fans prepare themselves for the new season in their respective ways, sports bettors also do the same. One such way of preparation is to make sure that you are on the right sports bookmaker when the betting from the new season starts. Since there are so many factors to consider in choosing your bookie, sites like Betenemy can help you by giving you tips, bookie ratings, reviews, and recommendations on where to sign-up and register.

Besides choosing your preferred bookmaker to place your bets through, here are some other tips to help you prepare for the upcoming new season of the Premier League.

Read, read, read

If you think that the only fun thing in the world of football are the games and betting on it, then you are not enjoying this industry as you should. One more enjoyable part of being a football fan is the barrage of news, rumours, and updates preceding a new season.

If you keep tabs on the latest news about the Premier League before the new season opens, you can find yourself reading endless articles about transfer rumours, player hiatus and return updates, and the roster updates for each club.

Some news and updates are real and legitimate, but a lot of these updates are also just simply rumours and therefore, should always be taken with a fine grain of salt. Still, it is always interesting to read all the stuff that goes on in the world of Premier League way even before it comes back for a season, regardless of whether it is official news or words circulating in the rumour mill.

Always check the latest odds and predictions

If you are a bettor, this is something that you should not just read, but you should keep close tabs on religiously.

Odds for a football league as big as the Premier League can sometimes be wild and unpredictable, with many factors at play. With every new update regarding payer roster, transfers, sing-ups, and retirements form players, odds of a certain club can change–either from being a high favourite to a low underdog or the other way around.

As of now, the top favourite of bookmakers and oddsmakers is Manchester City for the Premier League. Coming in close as a second top favourite is the current defending champion, Liverpool FC. The pressure and expectations are high for the Reds this upcoming season since they are first-timers defending a championship. The Merseyside outfit recently won their first-ever Premier League title in 30 years.

On the other hand, Manchester City are on the top of the odds right now is no longer a shock, as the team is one of the well-known football powerhouses, and also has a history of winning, claiming, and defending titles.

Will Liverpool be able to stay on the top of it all, or are they a one-off and fone-gone after all? Anything can happen, and nothing is certain until the season opens on September 12!

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