Can Erling Haaland Win the Golden Boot in His Debut EPL Season?

One of the biggest news in the transfer window this year is Erling Haaland’s move from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City. The Danish striker has been flirting with a move since last season, and with his contract getting close to the end, it was a matter of time before a top club snatched the top striker. 

Therefore, when the bid came in from Manchester City, it was no shock, and Haaland already has an affiliation with the team as his father already played for the club in the past. And as it stands, Man City is one of the top teams in the EPL and Europe. They are the equivalent of the top teams with the best Vegas NFL odds.

As a result, moving to City is not a bad move. And with this move, the team can finally have a center forward, meaning we might see a change in Pep Guardiola’s tactics. The team would have to make Haaland a focal point which is different from how they played this season, with the midfielders playing as false nine.

In that case, it will take some adjusting before Haaland and the other players get each other. Therefore, the preseason will play a huge role in how the club will find its rhythm. In that case, we would love to see how the team will play with the big Danish forward that can bully players and hold up play.

One thing Haaland is known for is that he can score goals. Therefore, once the team can find the rhythm, he would have many chances to score. And given his track record, it will be surprising if he doesn’t hit 20+ goals next season. In that case, he would certainly be one of the top goalscorers in the league next season.

But the question remains; can Erling Haaland win the golden boot in his debut EPL season? It is not far-fetched given how many chances Manchester City creates every game and how proven Haaland is in front of goal. However, to answer the question, we have to look at the positives and the challenges to see if it is a guarantee or not. 

The Positives

Manchester City is undoubtedly the best team in the EPL going into the new season. After winning last season’s championship, it showed how formidable the team could get despite not having a striker. Therefore, they continue to get the best odds, like top NFL teams with the favorite NFL odds.

Therefore, we can see that the team continues to find ways to solidify and stamp its feet on the league. In that case, we might be seeing another dominating team from Manchester. It won’t be easy, but with the addition of Haaland, we don’t see how other teams can take away the title from City.

In addition to that, Pep’s tactics let them control the tempo of the game, and as a result, they create many chances. Therefore, a striker in the team would get many chances, and as long as they are not wasteful, winning the golden boot would be easy. So, we believe that Erling Haaland can win the golden boot in his debut season. 

The Challenges

Although Haaland is a proven goalscorer and Manchester City is a team that scores many goals, putting them together is a different ball game. The team has to find a way to play to Haaland’s strength. Therefore, it will affect other parts of the team’s gameplay, taking away their fluidity and flexible movement.

We’ve seen this cause problem in Chelsea after they brought Romelu Lukaku in the 2021/2022 season. But Haaland is still young; he can always fine-tune his game to perfectly work with Guardiola’s tactics. Aside from the game plan challenges, the league also has proven goalscorers in other teams.

Although we are not sure if Salah will be here for another season, he would be one of the golden book contenders if he is. In addition to Salah, there is Harry Kane, Son Heung Min, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jamie Vardy. These players will make it difficult for Haaland to win the golden boot in his first season in the EPL. 

Our Thoughts

Next season will be tight, as Manchester City has strengthened their squad, and Liverpool also has Darwin Nunez joining the team. Although he doesn’t have as many goals as Haaland, he is a formidable striker that can take advantage of spaces. In that case, we might see a rivalry brew between the two, and Nunez will surely be one of the containers for the golden boot award.

Given the current challenges and hurdles Haaland needs to overcome to win the golden boot, we don’t think he would win it in his first season. However, as long as he stays in Manchester City, we believe he will eventually win the golden boot in the EPL. In that case, he will be one of the players to enjoy a favorite odds like top players in various NFL lines

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