Football manager game releases iOS version

Football transfers in the modern game have become more than just about a simple agreement between two clubs. In fact, most deals have been ridiculed with amplified transfer fees, ludicrous wages and even more stupefying agent fees.

Good thing you won’t have to put up with any of that when playing the Esports game like Club Manager 2019 available on PC, iOS and soon on Android.

As a statutory requirement, you will first have to sign up in order to access the game. Upon registering, you will be provided with a reasonably simple team; with your sole mandate of transforming the side into one that will go down the annals of history having won Leagues or Cup competitions—or both.

A game based on cards

Cards are part of the very nucleus of Club Manager. You are awarded free cards after every match, and there’s always a chance of receiving even the most legendary of cards.

The cards in the game can be placed into two main categories—Consumable and Permanent cards.

The likes of Training Camp cards, Stamina Recovery cards, Injury Treatment cards and Upgrade cards are consumable and as such disappear from your collection of cards once used, while those found permanently in your collection include Player cards, Manager cards and Emblem cards.

Free Manager Cash

The game is meant to be played regularly, and you can challenge yourself daily with Division matches, Competition matches and Exhibition matches.

An enchanting part of the game is that you are awarded free Manager Cash after every match played, regardless of whether the outcome is a win, a draw or a defeat.

However, the amount of Manager Cash credited for a win will ideally be more than the one for a draw or a defeat.

Fun upgrades

A pivotal part of enjoying any game is the ability to monitor your progress. The simple team mentioned at the start of the article will be in the 12th Division, and your aim is to gradually progress and become the best team there is.

Upgrading the level of your stadium is one way of showing how far you have come in your managerial career. You can elevate the status of your club by expanding the size of your stadium—something that will not only create an unnerving atmosphere but also generate more revenue for your home games.

Other fun upgrades include the gym, pitch and the match manager.

Freedom to choose tactics

One simply cannot overlook how good it feels when you have the liberty to apply whichever tactics you prefer.

It’s a given that not all football managers are the same. Some have made a name for themselves for their breathtaking attacking football, whereas others are renowned for being perennial bus parkers.

Whichever the case, Club Manager gives you the opportunity to test your managerial nous by applying any tactic, formation and approach that best personifies you as a manager.

Easy game to master

A multifaceted game like football can be somewhat frustrating given the various aspects that come into play. Club Manager is however easy to master and assures you of a smooth gaming experience thanks to its limited loading times.

On iOs and Android

In addition to the PC (desktop and browser) version that has been available since its soft launch in January, the game is now available on iOS.

With the Android also nearing its release, Club Manager 2019 is quite rightly becoming the best online football manager game in the world.

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