How are Footballers Leaving Smoking Behind By Using Snus

Smoking is not an easy habit to leave behind. It requires a degree of mental toughness to abandon this vice from your life.

And as for professional athletes, they have this mental toughness in abundance.

And when it comes to finding a solution to stop smoking, Premier League footballers have a trick up their sleeve.

Numerous young athletes are increasing the usage of Snus to boost their mental and physical health.

In 2016, we saw Victor Lindelof, the Swedish defender from Manchester United, putting a picture of himself on Instagram carrying this product.

It is not a surprise that this is a less harmful alternative than smoking for numerous athletes, and it is gaining popularity in other countries.

Let us look at how it is used and how it can be effective for you as well.

How to Use

Perhaps, you have seen snus users put this substance under their top lip, making you feel odd about this white pouch.

Using white pouches may look peculiar, but Swedish people have it as if they are drinking a glass of water.

The important thing though is that it is more effective and accessible than smoking. The use of Snus is broken down into the following steps:

  • Firstly, you must opt for a product that you like. If you are using Snus for the first time, getting the right brand may not be easy. However, you can explore the web to check out the most frequently bought pouch.
  • Secondly, you must take out the pouch from the can via your index finger and thumb.
  • In the third step, you roll the pouch back and forth via your index finger and thumb. This step can only be helpful if the product is in excellent condition.
  • In the fourth step, make sure to place the tasty pouch under your top lip. You must ensure that it doesn’t touch your teeth. Once you take more of these pouches, it will be easy for you to place these pouches on your tongue and make their way to your top lip. Once you start doing this, no one will know that you put a pouch in your mouth.
  • Let the pouch sit there until its taste and flavor vanish. Once the taste goes away, the pouch can come out.
  • Numerous pouch cans carry a practical catch lid at the top where you can place all of your consumed pouches. The practical catch lid is beneficial because the pouches thrown on the ground or the streets do not give a pleasant sight. Furthermore, there are catch lids that expand as per the consumed pouches you place in them.

Nicotine pouches are free of tobacco and has been nothing short of a revelation for athletes worldwide. Just a couple of pouches of this substance and your performance levels get elevated. Your work ethic on the pitch improves, and you can feel relaxed.

Being tar and tobacco-free, it is less detrimental to an athlete’s lungs and helps them gradually reduce the use of nicotine to a regulated amount.

It remains to be seen what steps the UK government takes regarding Snus. But, for now, athletes are eligible to make them part of their eating habits.


Before you start using Snus, it is essential to understand which product you must try out.

If you are new to the world of Snus, make sure to start with a pouch having a low nicotine level.

It won’t be an excellent first experience if you get its side effects like dizziness and headache. So make sure to check out all the different nicotine products on the internet and enjoy the best-flavoured products.

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