Ready for Victor Lindelof’s Swedish treat at the Premier League 2020-21?

Every wondered what binds together the citizens of a country? What generates a connection between them which is undoubtedly one of strongest of all feelings — the feeling of bonhomie, the feeling of unity, the feeling of togetherness and the proud feeling of being the residents and the citizen of one country.

The age-old adage “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, clearly sends out the message that the culture, traditions, folklore, foods, beverages, sports interests et al, are some of those reasons that constantly connects the people of a country and are the foundation of preserving the rich history and legacy of different countries.

Sports and national events always bring the citizens of a country on one platform for celebrations and cheering becomes inevitable. With English Premier League around the corner, undeniably, for Swedish citizens, it is a moment of pride and merriment with Swedish professional footballer Victor Lindelöf showcasing some of his great skills on the field.

With fans spread across the length and breadth of the world, football has been one of the most popular games ever since. The adrenaline rush, the excitement and curiosity that this game generates, are some of those reasons that pump up the indomitable spirit of the football fans. Amid the sea of football clubs, teams and players, only a few make it to the hearts of people and leave a permanent mark with their game. You’ve got some favourites?

Citizens of every country always have a special connect with the players who hail from their country. The people of Sweden have a connect with Swedish professional footballer Victor Lindelöf, one of the remarkable, dependable players and top defenders in the arena, who possesses the skills, acumen and experience that can change the entire game in a fraction of minutes.

Like a restaurant that offers authentic flavours and a variety of cuisines to quench the thirst and feed our hunger, each and every existing game adds a much-needed flavour to our monotonous life, and its players give it the tang to change the way we savour it.

Much similar to foods and beverages, the Swedish snus is also picking up popularity among the youth for several reasons one of which is its different flavours and authenticity. Besides the quality of snus, being a tobacco-free product makes it a hotcake on the shelves!

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With the new season of the Premier League approaching, the Swedish fans must not only be excited but proud to see the defender from Sweden representing the country and playing for the mega-rich club Manchester United to help the team claim the title of the Premier League. Are you thrilled and excited about the next breathtaking season of the English Premier League? Share with us your favourite players and what do you like the most about them, also how you cheered for your favourite team.

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