Will Dortmund benefit from Haalands failed world cup dreams?

Erling Braut Haaland and Norway failed to qualify for the world cup in Qatar in 2022 the other night by not winning their qualifying group. This will be good news for Dortmund fans because it means Haaland won’t be playing more games which he could get injured from so this will benefit Dortmund massively with them being able to make sure he won’t be at risk of picking up any knocks or anything whilst being away on international duty. A lot of footballers tend to pick up some small and sometimes quite big injuries whilst playing away for their country which tends to frustrate club managers due to them not wanting their players to play more games than they are meant to.

A lot of bookies had Haaland down as the world cup top goalscorer so there will be a lot of gamblers around the world looking to get a refund if they placed that bet due to him not playing in the tournament anymore. There have been a lot of betting shops giving odds on if Haaland and Norway would make the world cup or not a lot of betting options found at Max had some good odds on if he would or would not make it. Punters are now placing bets on him being the top scorer in the league ahead of the other league’s strikers due to him now wanting to prove a point to his doubters after failing to qualify for the world cup. 

When players fail to qualify for tournaments with their country it can go one of two ways, they either sulk about it and their form takes a dip or they make sure to end the season by scoring as many goals as they possibly can. Dortmund fans will be happy that Haaland won’t pick up any knocks whilst being on international duty with him expected to get a rest over the world cup period due to them not qualifying. This will frustrate other teams in the league with them hoping that Haaland will be tired from international duty meaning he will not be as fit as he usually is and not scoring as many as he usually does due to fitness issues. Haaland is frustrated with not going to the world cup but in recent interviews made it clear that he is fully focused on the rest of the season with Dortmund and finishing as high as possible.

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